Panic Attacks, Anxiety & Reflexology

Panic Attacks

What does a panic attack feel like?

Pounding heart, like its about to explode in my chest, faster, faster - I'm going to die, I dont!

Feeling dizzy, disorientated, sick - I'm going to pass out for sure - I don't!

Sweaty palms - I'm about to have a heart attack - I don't!

A feeling of disaster, something bad is going to happen, I need to get away, run away - I can't, paralysed with panic, I wait for it all to pass, I can be anywhere, on my own or with people it makes no difference, the severity of the attack might be different but the symptoms the same, somehow it passes, I breath deeply and slowly, my heart rate slows, the feeling of despair subsides and everything calms and returns to normal or for now atleast, it can take anything from 20 mins to an hour before it passes but it eventually does.

So why do we panic, its our body reacting to the fight or flight response - because we used to be able to run away from dinosaurs, we dont have them anymore.

Anxiety can be attributed to these feelings, anxiety comes from constantly worrying about things, over and over until we can no longer process these worries and feelings logically.

Having panic attacks and anxiety can be exhausting, totally draining but mostly scary because you just dont know if that panic attack or phase of anxiety will be the last.

How to cope? Therapy, Antidepressants, herbal remedies, CBT, there are so many options, Reflexology can be a great way to combat the effects of panic and anxiety, reflexology works on the acupressure points on the feet that correspond to organs, muscles in the body. By stimulating these points we can bring about a feeling of relaxation, calmness and general well-being. Of course, Reflexology as a treatment cannot cure these symptoms by any means, But they can be improved, as an experienced, Level 5, Reflexologist and someone that also suffers from these issues from time to time, I have a very good understanding of panic attacks and anxiety and their effects on the body. My aim is to work with with my clients needs by facilitating Reflexology to establish a sense of calmness and balance. Allowing my clients to feel that sense of wellness and relaxation that can help support them through these phases and beyond. If you would like any further information about Reflexology please feel free to contact me.

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