What is Thermal Auricular Therapy

It is thought that ancient Greeks were among the first to use ear candling techniques, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy.

Ear candling may help promote deep relaxation and is a wonderful complementary therapy that aims to support the symptoms associated with the ear, nose & throat. Including; Hay fever, Sinusitis, Bell's Palsy, Rhinitis, Colds, Labyrinthitis, Glue ear, Migraines, Excessive Ear wax, Vertigo, Meniere's disease, Tinnitus, Sleep Apnoea, Congestion, Snoring, Sore throat, stress & soreness in the temporomandibular joint (the jaw).

The candles themselves are made from cotton, dipped in beeswax, which is impregnated with both Honey & Chamomile, carefully selected for their health benefits and known relaxation properties.

The treatment itself uses a slow precise method to ensure the client is totally relaxed and comfortable, the ear candle is inserted gently into the ear canal. Once the client is comfortable, the top of the candle is lit. The gentle flame causes a column of warm air to form and be drawn into the ear canal, producing a warm and gentle vibration. This vibration may cause ear wax to loosen. The smoke carrying the essential oils is naturally anti inflammatory which in turn is greatly beneficial in aiding the conditions mentioned above.


Rachel uses her skills as a Reflexologist, to enhance this treatment, by adding a very specific foot reflexology treatment which targets key reflexes which underpin the benefits. Rachel then finishes the treatment with facial reflexology which aids the drainage of any fluid released. Ensuring the client receives a treatment that fully encompasses the total Head 2 Toe experience.