Reflexology is a non-intrusive holistic treatment based on the theory that different pressure points on the hands, feet and ears correspond with different parts of the body.

If there is any congestion or tension in any part of the foot, this is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body.

A clinical reflexologist works on these points to encourage a state of homeostasis, promoting and maintaining a state of balance, enabling the body to heal itself.

Reflexology is all about relaxation, it is known that much illness originates from stress and tension within the body, it can therefore be theorised that anything that relieves these stresses and tensions in turn promotes deep relaxation.


This helps the bodies systems and organs to work together much more effectively


How long will the treatment last.

Reflexology treatments last for up to an hour, including the consultation. Although your first treatment will take slightly longer as we will need to complete a medical questionnaire. We will talk through your medical history and any medication you are taking, so please have this information handy.

Almost anyone can receive holistic treatments and enjoy the benefits. However, there are a few contra-indications which mean it might not make it suitable for someone to have a treatment. We will discuss this in advance of your first treatment and we can discuss an appropriate course of action if necessary.

Rachel Webb is giving reflexology